Project Overview

Project Name:

Mending Little Hearts
(Human Heart Valve Bank Project)

Avenue of Focus:

Maternal and Child health

Project Description :

Establish a human heart valve bank to use human tissue grafts for children born with CHD.

Needs Analysis :

Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is a major killer of children and a main contributing factor to the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR). Sri Lanka, with its excellent free public healthcare system and low mortality (8/100 live births), is ready to lower IMR by reducing death due to CHD.

  • Sri Lanka does not have a human heart valve bank and the current practice in Sri Lanka is to use imported bovine grafts, which costs approximately US$ 2,300 per graft (for a country with a GDP per capita of US$ 3,280 in 2013 this is a major cost).
  • Furthermore, all sizes of these bovine grafts are not freely available when needed and have to be frequently replaced.
  • The best option is to use human tissue grafts harvested from cadavers as human tissue grafts last longer and can be provided at a lower cost thus releasing funds for more free surgeries to be carried out and to save more lives.

Project Location :

Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) for Children, Colombo, Sri Lanka. ( Visit Website )

Established in 1895, LRH is currently the largest children’s hospital in South Asia, which provides services totally free of charge. It is the only tertiary care referral centre for children with heart diseases in the island and being a national centre provides care for children from all over Sri Lanka. Currently, LRH provides comprehensive care for children with heart diseases ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

Project Beneficiaries  :

Children born with CHD from all over Sri Lanka.

Project Value :

US$ 400,000

Project Owner :

Rotary Club of Colombo Fort, District 3220

Project Partners :

District 3220 ( Visit Website ) Rotary Club of Madras Coromandel, District 3230( Visit Website ) Children’s Heart Project of Sri Lanka. ( Visit Website )

Project Diagram with Equipments